Ashwagandha Seed Harvest

We grow our Ashwagandha in Southern California, all of our ashwagandha is grown using KNF organic methods and is then processed into herbal medicine.

Planting Seeds – Medicinal Herbs

Phoebe planting new seeds for our next batch of Medicinal Herbs.

This batch includes- Ashwagandha, Chrysanthemum (Bo Ju Hua), Red Root Sage (Dan Shen), Marshmallow root, and others.

We grow our medicinal herbs in Southern California using the JADAM and Korean Natural Farming methods. These methods utilize no chemicals, consider it better than organic. The KNF and JADAM methods offer a way to harmonize the soil to offer more bioavailable nutrients to the plants.

These plants will be grown out and then planted into soil full of love.

Our herbalist, Phoebe Stewart, has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional European Herbalism, and Native California Chumash Herbalism. She holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Watering the Garden

Watering the plants and soil at one of our gardens in Southern California

Here we have an interspersed planting of food and medicinals (is there really a difference?). We are preparing to harvest 3 large Ashwagandha roots from this bed as well as celery, oregano, red root sage, and chamomile.