Here at Abundant Natural Healing we are always accepting new patients.

Our mission is to provide holistic natural medical care that utilizes traditional strategies of diagnosis and herbal medicine to bring a balance-based approach to your healing.

We pride ourselves on offering professional Herbal Consultations that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Once you meet with Phoebe, she will advise you on frequency of visits needed and will write an herbal formula made just for you that will be delivered straight to your door.

Our goal is to help to bring natural medicine to the forefront of people’s healing.

We believe that a connection with herbs that are grown, cultivated, and harvested by loving hands is important for optimum health.

Let us re-establish our relationship with Nature via the abundance of healing herbs and traditional knowledge that is available to us.

Through traditional herbalism, we can re-awaken ourselves to the original medicines of this earth.

Schedule an appointment with Phoebe today.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Before your first visit you will receive an email with medical forms and questionnaires, we will discuss this information during our first session. During your first session, we will go over initial diagnosis procedures and we will build a diagnosis based on your personal imbalances. After diagnosis, I will begin to build out your customized herbal formula. I will make the formula and it will be mailed to you. We will also discuss how many sessions may be needed for your symptom set.

My Philosophy of Care

I believe that all people on this planet deserve access to health through the healing plants provided to us by Mother Earth. I believe that nobody should ever be dismissed by a medical professional or told that something is “all in their head”. I believe in a balance-based approach to holistic healing that follows the guidelines of ancient Taoist principles.

Our process is designed to honor the uniqueness of the individual while making things easy.

  • Ease of scheduling through our HIPAA compliant scheduling portal
  • Herbal Consultations from the comfort of your own home
  • Herbs delivered right to your door
  • Leaving you more time to focus on health and balance or life and family
  • Secured form of payment
  • Complete privacy
  • Feel assured knowing that you are in the hands of a trained and licensed professional

We are HIPAA compliant to protect the privacy of your healthcare