Let’s talk about Endometriosis

Have you ever had a period that was so painful that you were unable to eat, sleep, or work? Many women have experienced pain like this once or twice. Women with endometriosis can experience symptoms this extreme with every menstrual cycle. Some women feel that they must leave school, switch jobs, miss out on important events and resort to staying in bed during their cycles just to endure the pain.
Endometriosis is a reproductive disorder that involves the endometrium of the uterus begins to grow outside of the uterus. Endometriosis typically begins around the time of the first menstrual cycle and can become more sever over time. Until recently, this disease has not been acknowledged and women have not been given proper treatment. Many women who suffer from endometriosis have been told by parents, friends, partners, or bosses that they are exaggerating or making up their pain. This dismissive treatment can lead to psychological feelings of unworthiness, depression, and anxiety. Endometriosis can be a cause of female infertility and the uncertainty of if one will
progress to this level can bring unease and insecurity to young women. Although treatment of endometriosis is understudied, Laproscopic procedures to remove the excess tissue have proved to be helpful with initially removing the endometrial tissue from the body. But what about the return of this tissue and the underlying imbalance?
This is where herbalism can help.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), endometriosis is not a new disease. TCM views endometriosis as an imbalance of Qi within the Liver. This means that the Qi (or vital life force) that courses through your body and moves your blood through your veins has become stuck
within your Liver Meridian.

The Liver Meridian is an energetic circuit that runs through the body from the inner leg to the pelvis to the liver. The Liver is the organ that directs the body’s Qi on where to go. When the Liver is overwhelmed, typically by stress or dietary toxins or alcohol use, the Liver’s function becomes depressed and the Qi slows down or stops completely. This stopped Qi forms a blockage that will inevitably block blood from flowing completely. This blockage becomes a source of pain for the woman, sometimes manifesting as thick, dark blood clots that may pass out of the vagina during menstruation. Once this blockage is in place, it invites more imbalance in the body occur. At this point other pathologies that may manifest as cold or damp can come in and create additional build-ups, causing in turn more

Although endometriosis can prove to be a frustrating disorder, there is treatment available. Herbalism offers a safe approach to reducing pain from endometriosis by utilizing herbs that work to break down the blockages to ensure a smooth flow of Qi and Blood.
At Abundant Natural Healing we specialize in menstrual disorders, with a belief that women deserve a natural approach to their reproductive health care. Let’s end the stigma of periods and menstrual disorders through education.
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